Client Focus

Since 2007, we have provided customized growth advisory services to a wide range of clients, including Fortune 500, middle market, emerging growth and start-up companies, as well as international banks, private equity firms, hedge funds, non-profits, and higher education institutions.

Mid-Sized & Growth Companies

We offer high-value, cost-effective solutions to mid-sized and emerging growth companies that want to take action to improve, innovate, transform, grow, and/or prepare for a transaction.  We provide the leverage to help you get things done and make things happen!

Our system can be applied to any type of company at any stage. As such, we work across stages and industries.

Larger Companies & Non-Profits

We help divisions or brands of larger companies infuse fresh entrepreneurial thinking that sparks new ideas around innovation, positioning, and transformation. Get scrappy and think like an entrepreneur!

Non-profits also need to run as well-oiled businesses.  Our team enjoys helping non-profits take steps to accelerate growth.

Investors & Boards

360accel provides private equity investors with high-value, cost-effective, and reliable third party resources to perform independent assessments and specialized work to achieve targeted results with portfolio companies.

Similarity, we provide Boards with an independent resource to recalibrate alignment and gain clarity for making decisions.

A Few Client Stories

Since 2007, we’ve worked with a variety of companies ranging from start-ups to divisions of Fortune 500 companies, as well as higher education institutions and non-profits. Every situation is different, and every client story is unique. Here are just a few of our client stories.

NEEDS: Refine value proposition of proprietary developed technology-enabled solution that redefines the way presentations are created, designed, delivered and experienced. Online and offline. Additionally, getting the team aligned and determining the primary and secondary target markets were also priorities.

CHALLENGES: The team was busy developing and testing the product. The next step was for the team to be fully aligned on the optimal market positioning of the offering.

CUSTOM SOLUTION: 2-day 360° Optimal Value Fit workshop. Facilitated by interactive white-boarding workshop for client’s team. Post 1-on-1 session recap with CEO.

RESULTS & OUTCOMES: Value proposition and target market clarity and stakeholder alignment. Collaboration resulting in crisply written value proposition, which was used as a basis to develop new website content and marketing material.

NEEDS: A first-time entrepreneur experienced immediate success and rapid growth with an innovative product the company introduced to a shifting and competitive sleep-related marketplace. Understanding the market (i.e., trends and competitive landscape) and business’ metrics were critical to developing a comprehensive growth strategy.

CHALLENGES: Time and specialized resource constraints limited the entrepreneur’s ability to simultaneously work both in the business and on the business.

CUSTOM SOLUTION: We developed a custom 6-week express program that collaboratively and methodically covered key areas, including market research, business processes and analytics, opportunity exploration, brand positioning, and a 3-year growth strategy (fully supported by a financial model).  Our 3-person team including a growth advisor, consumer goods entrepreneur, and a data analytics strategist.

RESULTS & OUTCOMES: The company is well-positioned to become a niche market leader in a massive and changing marketplace.

The entrepreneur gained clarity on market positioning, required business metrics, staging of brand and product extensions, and required resources and capabilities. We shared our database of presentations templates to help the company quickly develop a company overview/business plan presentation, which covered all key aspects of the company and its growth strategy. We also customized a supporting financial model tool that can be used by the company on an ongoing basis. The company is also well-organized to face investors at its option.

NEEDS: A New York based PE group had to perform a quick initial screening of an acquisition opportunity of a professional U.S. sports team.

CHALLENGES: Short timing to initially evaluate opportunity. Limited clarity on market and dynamics. Limited resources available to evaluate.

CUSTOM SOLUTION: 1-week collaborative engagement. Provided independent assessment, brainstorming, and supported client in preparing for meeting with seller’s representatives.

RESULTS & OUTCOMES: Ability to make go/no-go decision on committing additional resources to pursue opportunity. Market insights, including information extraction from seller’s representatives, was critical for making well-informed decisions. Summary of benefits, risks, and operating considerations.

NEEDS: Acquired master licensing agreement of an iconic apparel brand. Requirements included comprehensive planning, positioning, financial modeling, and securing financing (growth capital and production financing line).

CHALLENGES: Very short time frame. Resource constraints. Capital constrained.

CUSTOM SOLUTION: 4-month custom engagement leveraging 360accel framework and processes. Comprehensive assessments, analyses, detailed financial modeling, full business planning. Readiness for facing investors and investment banking process.

RESULTS & OUTCOMES: Full business plan supported by dynamic financial model. Investor preparation. Due diligence readiness. Value substantiated. The company secured growth capital and line of credit from strategic investor.

NEEDS: The company developed a powerful and scalable spreadsheet software application that drives better business decisions and mitigates inherent spreadsheet risk. The company needed to prepare for a transaction to take the business to the next level.  Prior to pursuing a transaction, the company’s CEO wanted to undergo an independent and comprehensive process to enhance market positioning and valuation.

CHALLENGES:  Time and specialized resource constraints limited the entrepreneur’s ability to simultaneously work both in the business and on the business.

CUSTOM SOLUTION: We developed a custom multi-month program that collaboratively and methodically covered key areas, including market research, target market, brand positioning, and a multi-year growth strategy (fully supported by a financial model).

RESULTS & OUTCOMES: The company made multiple UI / UX enhancements and changed its positioning to be a robust enterprise solution. The company was recently sold to a major Wall Street financial institution to be used as a global internal solution.

NEEDS: Client’s initial needs were centered on capital, business development & exiting an employee, who was also a major shareholder.

CHALLENGES: The company expanded quickly through acquisition and diversification into a similar, but different market. Cash-flow was constrained.

CUSTOM SOLUTION: 4-month custom engagement: business assessments, market analyses, detailed financial modeling, cash flow management review, and full business planning. Additionally, investor readiness, marketing material content collaboration (value proposition), and sales process redesign, including CRM integration.

RESULTS & OUTCOMES: Full business plan supported by dynamic financial model. Investor preparation. Restructured operational and business models (improved cash flow). Client realized that capital investment was not required. Exited partner. New effective marketing material for market engagement and transparency on active sales initiatives.

NEEDS: Fund investor required deeper understanding to substantiate additional investment in company. CEO wanted to increase capacity, scale, and grow.

CHALLENGES: Lack of clarity on business model effectiveness, profitability scalability, strategy, and economics. Drivers and assumptions for modeling shrimp growth to harvesting was complex.

CUSTOM SOLUTION: 4-month customized program covering 360° view of the company and market potential. Also, complex financial model design to support strategy.

RESULTS & OUTCOMES: Transformed business model, market positioning, and strategic plan and developed complex financial model (both also suitable for additional investors). Win-win: CEO was empowered to grow business and fund had clarity to infuse additional capital.

NEEDS:  Over the past several years, the rights to an iconic music magazine brand were acquired and consolidated into a centralized entity.  The ultimate owners of the brand wanted to revive and commercialize the brand, but needed the strategy, team, and funding.

CHALLENGES:  Time and specialized resource constraints limited the owners’ ability to pursue the initiative.

CUSTOM SOLUTION: We designed a series of staged engagements (over multiple years) that encompassed specialized professionals to design the strategy, determine target market(s), and secure resources.  We also designed a complex financial model to evaluate / consolidate various strategies and chart a course to profitability.

RESULTS & OUTCOMES: The brand is set to be revived and relaunched in Spring 2019 using a series of integrated strategies, including a documentary, TV series, website launch, merchandise, co-branding, and various activations.  The company is well-positioned to face new investors with the appropriate marketing material.